Faculty Recognition: Research and Teaching Effectiveness

RIA Awardees

The University of Central Florida Research Incentive Awards (RIA) program supports outstanding research, scholarly and creative activity that advances the body of knowledge in a particular field, including interdisciplinary research and collaborations.

The below faculty members were recognized for their contributions to UCF’s key goal of achieving international prominence in research and creative activities.

Joanna Mishtal, Anthropology

Linda Walters, Biology

Qiyu Sun, Mathematics

Joshua Colwell, Physics

Talat Rahman, Physics

Corey Bohil, Psychology


TIP Awardees

The UCF’s Teaching Incentives Program (TIP) rewards sustained high levels of teaching effectiveness. UCF awards as many as 40 new TIPs to the colleges each year. Eligible faculty must have been employed by UCF for at least four years and meet or exceed median student credit hour production at one of the following levels:

  • Undergraduate and graduate SCHs combined at the department level
  • Undergraduate and graduate SCHs combined at the college level
  • Graduate SCHs at the department level
  • Graduate SCHs at the college level

The below faculty members were recognized for their outstanding teaching effectiveness.

Beatriz Reyes-Foster, Anthropology

Florencio Hernandez, Chemistry

Pedro Patino, Chemistry

Matthew Rex, Chemistry

Jonathan Matusitz, Communication

Harry Weger, Communication

Tammy Muhs, Mathematics

Zhisheng Shuai, Mathematics

Ahlam Al-Rawi, Physics

Abdelkader Kara, Physics

Robert Peale, Physics

Alfons Schulte, Physics

Aubrey Jewett, Political Science

Steven Berman, Psychology

Daniel McConnell, Psychology

Chrysalis Wright, Psychology

Amanda Anthony, Sociology

Elizabeth Grauerholz, Sociology


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