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  • Planetary Sciences
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  • 407-823-2012
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Dr. Colwell received his B.S. in Physics from Stetson University and a Ph.D. in Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has been on the faculty at UCF since 2006.

I study the origin and evolution of the solar system and in particular small bodies such as planetary rings, asteroids, comets, dust, and small moons. I’m a Co-Investigator on the Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) on the Cassini spacecraft, leading observation design and data analysis and interpretation for observations of Saturn’s rings with that instrument. I am Director of the Center for Microgravity Research within the UCF Physics Department where we design, build and operate microgravity experiments to study the early stages of planet formation, the surfaces of small asteroids and moons, and the collisional evolution of planetary rings.

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Colwell, J. E., S. R. Robertson, M. Horányi, X. Wang, A. Poppe, and P. Wheeler 2009. Lunar Dust Levitation. J. Aerospace Eng., 22, 2-9, doi:10.1061/(ASCE)0893-1321(2009)22:1(2).

With colleagues Addie Dove and Jim Cooney, I host a fun astronomy podcast called Walkabout the Galaxy. Subscribe to the podcast here or anywhere that provides podcasts. Follow us on facebook.

Physics and Astronomy demonstration videos:

Phases and orbit of the Moon.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses.

I’m the Assistant Director of the Florida Space Institute, UCF’s space research and engineering institute that partners with universities across the state to enhance our space research programs in Florida.

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