Seminar Series: The Science and Technology of Near-Earth Asteroid Sample Return

Throughout the spring 2018 academic semester the University of Central Florida, CLASS, and the Florida Space Institute are sponsoring a graduate seminar in “The Science and Technology of Near-Earth Asteroid Sample Return”. The speakers will be recognized international experts in asteroid science and technology and there will be an opportunity for all in-person and remote participants to ask questions and interact with the speakers. The seminar series is open to all scientists and engineers interested in the subject. Seminar talks last roughly 50 minutes with 30 minutes for discussion. The links below include the recorded talks, recommended readings and brief biographies of the speakers. If you would like to be on the mailing list, please contact us.

Presentations can be watched at:

Weekly Lecture Topics

Date & Time Speaker Title
22-Jan, 1:30 EDT Dan Britt (UCF) Class organization. Advantages of sample return-Surface processes and space weathering
25-Jan, 1:30 EDT Mike Zolensky (JSC) Advantages of sample return-petrology, isotopes
5-Feb, 1:30 EDT Amy Mainzer (JPL) Searching for asteroid targets
7-Feb, 1:30 EDT Dan Britt (UCF) and Nick Thomas (Bern) The surfaces of small NEOs: Challenges for sampling
14-Feb, 3:00 EDT Josh Emery (U Tenn) Thermal properties of NEAs
19-Feb, 1:30 EDT Dan Scheeres (U Col) Microgravity and small bodies
28-Feb, 1:30 EDT Josh Colwell (UCF) Electrostatic surface properties of NEAs
5-Mar, 1:30 EDT Humberto Campins (UCF) OSIRIS-REx Mapping and site selection
7-Mar, 1:30 EDT Brent Barbee (GSFC) Rendezvous Navigation: Delta V requirements and mission time
7-Mar, 3:00 EDT Dante Lauretta (UAz) Leading a sample return mission
2-Apr, 1:30 EDT Beau Bierhaus (Lockheed) Spacecraft issues in sample return and TAG
4-Apr, 1:30 EDT Phil Metzger (UCF) Plume interaction on NEAs
16-Apr, 1:30 EDT Kris Zacny (Honeybee) Other sampling systems
18-Apr, 1:30 EDT Scott Sandford (Ames) Sample Return Capsule: Descent, landing, recovery
23-Apr, 1:30 EDT Marc Fries (JSC) Curating returned samples