Who We Are

The Physiological Ecology and Bioenergetics Lab (PEBL) is part of the Conservation Biology Program of the Department of Biology at the University of Central Florida. Directed by Dr. Graham Worthy, PEBL investigates the physiological and nutritional ecology of marine vertebrates through the study of their bioenergetics, feeding ecology, and habitat utilization.

PEBL is actively engaged in the emerging field of Conservation Physiology which explores how species respond to natural and anthropogenic perturbations and attempts to determine the ecophysiological constraints dictated by current conditions and future environmental change.  Employing ecological and physiological theory, Conservation Physiology takes a multidisciplinary and integrative approach that incorporates both field and laboratory based research and ultimately explores the linkage between environmental change and ecological success.  It aims to determine and assess the proximate abiotic factors that impose fitness consequences upon organisms as a result of anthropogenic threats and allows us to forecast likely responses of organisms to environmental change.  For conservation strategies to be successful it is important to understand the physiological responses of organisms to their changing environment and to develop an understanding of what causes conservation problems in order to suggest potential solutions.

Prospective graduate students can contact Dr. Worthy to explore potential projects and are encouraged to read the admission policies of the Department of Biology to see about entry requirements and possible funding opportunities.

Graham A.J. Worthy, Department Chair and Pegasus Professor, Provost’s Distinguished Research Professor of Biology, Hubbs-Sea World Endowed Professor of Marine Mammalogy, Director, Physiological Ecology and Bioenergetics Lab, and IUCN Sirenian Specialist Group Co-Chair – North American Region

Department of Biology, University of Central Florida, 4110 Libra Drive.,  BIO 302A, Orlando FL 32816-2368 USA

Graham.Worthy@ucf.edu     office: 407/823-1333      fax: 407/823-5769