Dr. Leuenberger received his PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Basel, Switzerland. He spent three years as a postdoctoral associate in three different institutions (University of California San Diego, University of Iowa, University of Basel Switzerland) before joining UCF in 2005 as an assistant professor. 

Research Area

  • AFOSR award entitled “Modeling Quantum Network inside Photonic Crystal (PC) made of Quantum Dots (QDs) in Nanocavities by means of Quantum Field Theory”
  • NSF ECCS award entitled “Quantum-field theoretical modeling and simulation of many-body entanglement of excitons and photons in semi-conductor structures”
  • DARPA Young Investigator Award entitled “High-temperature electrically driven Mbps single-photon source at telecom wavelengths”.
  • NSF ECCS award entitled “Modeling of a Photonic Crystal Hosting a Quantum Network Made of Single Spins in Quantum Dots that Interact via Single Photons”

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