Step 1: Thesis Committee Formation

Once you finish all your coursework except for thesis hours, you will want to form a thesis advisory committee. The semester before you intend to enroll in thesis hours, you should choose a dissertation committee chair, and work with them to choose members of your advisory committee. Thesis Committees must have one Chair, and two Department members.  Please refer to the Thesis Committee Formation page for more information on this process.

Step 2: Enroll in Thesis Hours

You need a total of 6 thesis hours by the end of the program. Three hours is considered full-time. You can access the Restricted Registration Agreement online here. You will complete this form with your Thesis Chair each semester you enroll in thesis hours.

Step 3: Defend Proposal

Once you have, formed your committee and enroll in thesis hours, you are eligible to defend your proposal. You will work with your committee to schedule your proposal. At this time, all defenses are being conducted virtually via Zoom. Once you’ve scheduled the proposal, email to let them know the time, date, and Zoom information for the meeting. Once your proposal is done, your committee will notify the Graduate Admissions Coordinator and will send them the assessment forms from your proposal defense.

Step 4: Final Defense & Graduation

You are almost done! When you are enrolled in the last semester, you are eligible to apply for graduation and defend your final thesis. Please refer to the Thesis & Dissertation Defense page for more information.