Dr. Dubey received her PhD in Physics from  Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, India in 1998. She worked as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in RPI, Troy, NY as well as at UCF. She joined UCF in 2001 where she is an Associate Lecturer.


  1. Electronic Structure Study of Certain Rhizoferrin Analogs and its Ferric-Ion Complexes – A. Dubey and O. Heinonen- under preparation, to be submitted to BioMetals.
  2. First-Principles Electronic Structure Study of Rhizoferrin and its Fe(III) Complexes – A. Dubey and O. Heinonen, BioMetals.  26 (2013) 1003–1012.
  3. First principles Electronic Structure Investigation of Order of Singlet and Triplet States of Oxyhemoglobin and Analysis of Possible Influence of Muon Trapping-S. R. Badu, R. H. Pink, R. H. Scheicher, Archana Dubey and N. Sahoo, et al, Hyperfine Interact. 197(2010), 331-340.
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