Elizabeth Ehrhardt Mustaine, Ph.D. is a Professor of Sociology.  She earned her Doctorate in Sociology and Criminology at The Ohio State University.  Her research spans several areas: violence against women, stalking, criminal victimization, risks for victimization, registered sex offenders, child abuse, locations, sources, and patterns of crime, and publishing in criminology and criminal justice.  She teaches courses that compliment these research interests: Social Policy and Research, Child Abuse, Women, Culture, and Law, Sociology of Law, Criminal Victimization, Sociology of Murder, Violence in Society, and Social Problems.  Currently, Dr. Mustaine is working with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office to launch a program where victims of child sexual abuse are paired with a therapy dog to help them get through the criminal justice process more successfully.  She also conducts training programs on how to identify child abuse for community organizations in the Central Florida region.  And, she regularly talks to students at local schools and community organizations about behavioral forensics.

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