Step 1: Formal Coursework Completion
Complete all required core/elective courses in your program of study.

Step 2: Applied Project Committee Formation
Once you finish all your coursework except for your Applied Project Independent Study/Research Report hours, you will want to form an advisory committee. The semester before you intend to enroll in Research Report hours, you should choose a committee chair, and work with them to choose members of your advisory committee. Project Committees must have one Chair, and two Department members.  You will submit your request to form your committee using the Sociology Department’s internal Applied Project Committee Form.

Step 3: Enroll in Applied Project Credit Hours
You need a total of 6 Applied Project hours by the end of the program. Three hours can be independent study or directed research, and at least 3 hours need to be SYA 6909 – Research Report. You can access the Restricted Registration Agreement online here. You will complete this form with your Project Chair each semester you enroll in applied project hours.

Step 4: Final Defense & Graduation
You are almost done! When you are enrolled in the last semester, you are eligible to apply for graduation and defend your final project.

  • Make sure you file your intent to graduate by the posted deadline on the Academic Calendar.
    Make sure you select the correct term on the calendar, e.g. Summer deadlines will be on the Summer calendar, etc. 
  • You should email to provide the date, time, and title of your final project defense.
  • Once the defense is completed, your Project Chair should email to notify Jana that the project is complete, and she will distribute the completed form for approval and mark your applied project as complete on your GPS.