For students traveling on grant/project funding supported by a faculty Principal Investigator, below are the instructions for travel approval. 

Refer to the UCF Travel Manual for rules on reimbursable expenses and required documentation.

Pre-approval is required for ALL University travel, and expenses cannot be reimbursed if pre-approval is not obtained using the instructions below. We do not recommend booking travel or paying for travel expenses until you receive notification that your spend authorization has been approved and processed.

  1. Complete the College of Sciences Travel Pre-Approval form via DocuSign. Consult with your faculty member/PI for funding information (which they can obtain from our Post-Award Specialist, Puck Winchester).
  2. The form will route to your faculty member/PI for approval.
  3. Once approved, you will receive a copy of the approved PDF. You should e-mail this PDF and the required supporting documentation to the faculty member/PI. Questions about travel rules, allowable expenses and/or supporting documentation should be directed to the COS Business Center (
  4. The faculty member will submit the travel request to the COS Business Center (, attaching the approved travel pre-approval form and required supporting documentation. Once received, COS will create a spend authorization for your travel, and you will receive notification once it has been approved.

Note: If you are unable to use the DocuSign form, you can also use the PDF form found here