Policies and Procedures

Department Authorization List

Contact: Ashley Hilyer
Email: Ashley.Hyler@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-4578

Updated: August 4, 2015 (form added)

DAL change request form_Apr_2015

Security is limited within PeopleSoft; therefore, certain staff members may not be able to purchase on certain funds. You can view the DAL in PeopleSoft by logging into UCF Financials. Instructions:

Click Department Authorization List (under menu),

  • Select DAL by Department Enter the Business unit of UCF01
  • Enter the department/project number
  • Click search
  • Review the list for the following:
    o   AXA – Auxiliary Authorized – able to purchase from on-campus vendors (except bookstore). They can also write a permission slip for anyone to purchase from the on-campus vendors.
    o   PRC – Purchasing Requisition Creator – able to create ePRO requisitions
    o   PRA – Purchasing Requisition Approver – able to approve an ePRO requisition
    o   PCA – Purchasing Card Approver – able to approve PCard charges

DALs The DAL RFO and DDC roles for the new RF project numbers were populated based on the security roles assigned under each College/Department for UCF. If changes or updates to the DAL(s) are required, please refer to the attached DAL change request form for completion, signature, and submission to fntrain@ucf.edu for processing. Please direct any questions concerning the DAL’s to Amanda Coveney (Amanda.coveney@ucf.edu) for guidance and assistance.(added: 08/04/15)

For a complete list of acronyms click the Definitions menu (within the training resources website) and look under Departmental Authorization List, or go to Addy Notes at: http://www.financials.ucf.edu/Addy_Notes/Enhanced_DAL.cfm