Policies and Procedures

New Classes

Contact: Maria Williams
Email: Maria.Williams@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-2992


Proposal Process
The process for proposing a new course is:

  1. Department submits course proposal for college approval.
  2. After college approves, course proposal is submitted for university approval.
    • Graduate –> UCF Graduate Council
    • Undergraduate –> UCF Undergraduate Course Review Committee (UCRC)

Special Topics proposals only require university approval.

  1. After university approves, course proposal is submitted for state approval.
  2. After state approves, course is assigned a permanent course number.

Scheduling Process
Courses can be scheduled prior to college and university approval, however, this can only be done under “Stop Enrollment” status. Students will not be able to enroll in the course until it has been approved at the university level (completion of step #2 above).

 If a permanent course addition proposal is still pending at the state level, we can begin scheduling it in the capacity of a Special Topics offering, since the state will not have yet assigned a permanent number to the course.

Special Topics course offerings can be done automatically for graduate courses once a Course Addition is approved. That is, you do not have to submit a separate Special Topics Request form for college or university approval. Please note that undergraduate courses require both a Special Topics and Course Addition proposal.

When a course is offered as a special topic, there are generic numbers that are automatically used depending on the level that the course has been approved for:

  • 1000-level = XXX 1930
  • 2000-level = XXX 2930
  • 3000-level = XXX 3930
  • 4000-level = XXX 4932
  • 5000-level = XXX 5937
  • 6000-level = XXX 6938
  • 7000-level = XXX 7939

If the state DOES NOT have a chance to approve and permanently number a course before you want to offer it, then it will remain on the schedule with a special topics number, and students will have that special topics course show on their degree audits and transcripts (this can be very common for new courses).

However, if the state DOES approve a course and assigns a number to it before the catalog year begins (prior to May 1 each year) for the semester that the course is to be offered, then the department should adjust the schedule to:

  1. Remove the offering of the special topics number*
  2. Add the offering with it’s new permanent number*

*At this time, it is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure that if any students are already enrolled with the course under it’s special topics number, then their enrollments should be administratively moved when the special topics is replaced by the permanent course number. Please contact COS Academic Services for more information on this procedure (3-6131).

The Florida Department of Education’s Statewide Course Numbering System website provides the official information regarding which of your department’s approved courses have received permanent numbers from the state.