Policies and Procedures


Contact: Maria Williams
Email: Maria.Williams@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-2992

The waitlisting process is new, and the information provided below will be updated as new information is known or as processes change. Contact Maria Williams or Lee Anne Kirkpatrick if you have any questions about this function or if you want some assistance figuring out if particular courses are good choices for wait listing.

What is it?
Wait listing lets the student put him or herself in a virtual “line” for an open seat in a course.

  • The student can “stand in line” for a seat in an open class.
  • The student can clone themselves and “stand in multiple lines” for seats to open in multiple classes.
  • Students who are eligible to enroll into the class are then automatically enrolled into the class if they’re first in line and a seat opens up.

The Registrar’s Office will notify the student of their status.

  • Students who are eligible to enroll and are enrolled will be notified that they were enrolled.
  • Students who were “skipped” (for some reason they weren’t eligible to enroll, ex: they have a hold) are notified that they were skipped.

Student-specific overrides
Waitlisting will work with student-specific overrides (input by COSAS).

  • Prerequisite overrides and Consent (instructor or department) overrides
  • If a student is given a prerequisite override, and the course they want is full (and wait listing is turned on), COSAS will build a student-specific override for the student.
  • Then… the student can put themself on the waitlist for the class.

But don’t use waitlisting in combination with…

  • Limit Overrides
    • Limit overrides bump those who have been waiting in line; therefore we want to restrict the use of limit overrides for courses that are using the waitlist option
  • Permission Numbers
    • General permission numbers also conflict with wait listing.
    • If you hand out a general permission number to override limit, see above bullet (Limit Overrides)
    • If you hand out a general permission number to override prerequisites, the wait listing system can’t tell that you’ve provided the student a permission number: see above (Student-Specific Overrides

Guidelines to using the waitlist function

Identify the courses in which you want to enable the waitlist function

  • Provide the college scheduler with the prefix, number, section, and title of the class in which you want the
  • waitlist function to be turned on
  • Once registration has started and wait listing is turned on, you cannot turn it off
  • Also, If registration has started, you cannot turn wait listing on
  • You cannot turn waitlisting on after a course is full (closed)

Avoid using the waitlist function with courses that are:

  • Component (there is a lecture/lab or lecture/discussion component)
  • Co-Requisites (the course has a co-requisite requirement)
  • Complicated (special enrollment requirements, linked to other courses, etc.)