Policies and Procedures

Post-Doctoral Associate Hire Guide

Contact: Hollesha Foster
Email: Hollesha.Foster@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-0815

Updated: June 3, 2015

Human Resources will not process retroactive requests for Post-Doctoral Associates. Therefore,
please review the current HR payroll calendar to verify ePAF deadlines.

Overall Steps
New Post-Doctoral Associate Process
Rehire Post-Doctoral Associate Process
Department Responsibilities
Additional Resources

New Post-Doctoral Associate Process

  •  College Approval
    • Once the funding source has been verified, the post-doctoral associate position must be established within UCF. To complete this process, please submit the Position Number Request Form (found in the COSHR Resource Workbook) via email to COS Administrative Services at cosadmin@ucf.edu, or via inter-campus mail (addressed to COS Admin). Note: Information entered on the request should be based on proposed budget (for projects) and available balances (for departments). The request form can be used to calculate appropriate FTE, dates, and projected financial commitment.
      Once approved, the Chair/Director will be notified by email, with a copy of the approved Position Number Request form.
  •  Posting
    • Postings are not mandatory for Post-Doctoral Associates. However, if you so choose to use the system as a location to collect applications, you are welcome to do so.
    • ePAF and Payroll Sign-In
    • Please submit a Hire ePAF with the agreement, and Payroll Sign-In attachedSign-In for post-doctorates will be completed at the department level. In the event that sign-in is handled at the International Services Center, only the Orientation Notice, the SSA1945 form, and the Employee Acknowledgment must be completed by the department and employee. Drug-Free Workplace Drug-Free Schools Policy Statement is for the employee to keep and does not need to be submitted with the rest of the payroll sign-in packet.
    • The College will not approve the ePAF until the Supporting Hire Documents have been received (more information below).
  • Hiring Packet
    • Supporting Hire Documents
      • The Supporting Hiring Documents Checklist is located in the COSHR Resource Workbook under Adjunct/Post-Doctoral Supporting Hire Documents.
      • The completed hiring packet should be submitted via inter-campus mail addressed to COS Admin.
      • The originals will be on file in the COS Dean’s Office.
        Note: The College of Sciences does not need the signed Post-Doctoral Agreement in the supporting hire document packet.
      • The ePAF will be placed on hold in the Dean’s Office until the packet is received
  •  Employee IDs
    • The HR system will generate the employee ID. The employee ID can be used to obtain a Microsoft Exchange email address, parking pass, employee identification card (which is required for Library access) and/or training.

Rehire Post-Doctoral Associate Process
NOTE: Human Resources will not approve retroactive requests; therefore, the college suggests that the paperwork be prepared one month prior to the current end date. The college makes every effort to send a reminder notification the department/school/center’s HR liaison.

  •  ePAF FORM
    • Supplemental – to renew a post-doctoral associate position please create a supplemental ePAF and attach the new agreement. The function description should contain the following information:
      1. Begin/End Date
      2. Total Standard Hours
      3. Annual Salary (not hourly rate since they are “position” employees)
      4. Funding Dept/Proj # & Distribution % *

NOTE: The supplemental ePAF is currently the only ePAF form type that can be used to renew post-doctoral positions. HR is automatically entering short work break after the initial agreement. HR can only remove it manually which they do via supplemental ePAF.

*If the funding department/project number will change at a later date please include an ePAF comment but the function description should only include the initial funding source. One month prior to the funding account change an edit existing ePAF should be submitted.

If it is known that the post-doctoral associate agreement will not be renewed, a termination ePAF should be submitted with the appropriate last date worked and effective date.

Department Responsibilities

  • Annual/Sick Leave – Post Doctoral Associates are eligible for 5 days of Sick leave and 10 days of Annual Leave per Academic Year. Leave balances are tracked internally by the department in which they work. It is the responsibility of the department to explain the terms of the leave allocation and track usage and renewal. Post-Doctoral Associates are not eligible for leave payouts, any unused balances at the end of the academic year will be forfeited.


Background Check Procedures
Website: http://hr.ucf.edu/files/CriminalBackgroundCheckProcedures.pdf