Policies and Procedures

Summer Supplemental Agreements

Contact: Madeline Byrne
Email: Madeline.Byrne@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-0098

Updated: January, 2020

The PDF documents linked on this webpage can also be found in the shared folders. File path: S:\COS Training and Forms\Training and Forms\All\ALL – Summer [current year]

For 9-month faculty, the summer semester is not handled in the same way as the fall and spring semesters; therefore, the typical HR processing procedures do not apply. The college has compiled the following power point presentation as well as a summary of topics below.  Summer_Supplemental_2020_Intro_Presentation. Two special discussion session is held to outline the summer processing steps. A separate meeting invite will be sent out when those are scheduled.

All deadlines associated with summer processing can be found in the COS HR Timeline located in the shared folder: S:\COS Training and Forms\Training and Forms\All.

Summer Dates
Teaching Compensation
Additional Compensation Requests
Request for Changes
Point of Contact

Summer Dates
The university releases the summer dates for the A, B, C & D semesters. It is published on their website. In anticipation of that, the college prepares a schedule (Summer_Supplemental_2020_Fiscal_Year_Distributions) based on previous years and alters it once the official university dates are released.

Teaching Compensation
The collective bargaining agreement specifically outlines the appropriate compensation for summer teaching assignments. The college summarized this information and can be found in the Compensation Structure PDF document. Note: the compensation term and FTE should be based on the total credit hours assigned and not individual course assignments. It may be necessary to convert the employee’s compensation to C-term based on the following limitations.


  • Can’t exceed 1.0 FTE (per day). Please note that A- and B-term overlap by one day
  • No Two B-Term courses. Since this assignment would require compensation over the C-term which starts prior to ANY assignment it is not allowable. Exceptions for emergency assignments can be requested by sending an email to Seresa Cruz.
  • No More than 9 credit hours total

Full-Time Equivalency (FTE)

The system can only support an overall FTE containing two digits. This means that if an overall FTE exceeds two digits, it must be rounded. For example, a faculty member’s only summer assignment is one, 3 credit hour course over C-term. This results in an FTE of .375. The total FTE would round to .38 to accommodate the two digit limitation.

If two or more funding sources are identified, then a three digit FTE is possible only if the total FTE is two digits. For example, .375 teaching assignment & .375 research assignment: total FTE is .75 FTE.

Required Conversions

Assignment Compensation
Two A-Term Courses C-Term
One A-Term & One B-Term Course  C-Term
One A- (or B-) Term & One C-Term Course C-Term

Q: Faculty member teaches two courses (3 credit A-term and 4 credit B-term)

This is a required compensation conversion assignment (one A- & one B-term); therefore, we know the compensation will be over the C-term. The total credit hours assigned is 7. So if we review the teaching compensation model we will notice that the FTE for 7 credits over C is .83 FTE.

A: C-Term at .83 FTE

Common Mistake: The FTE associated with a 3 credit course (.375) is added to a 4 credit course (.50) which would result in .875 FTE. Remember the FTE is based on total credit hours and NOT individual course assignments.

Planning Worksheets
All summer teaching assignments are collected via the planning worksheet located within the salary workbook. The lecture and lab courses are preloaded by the college based off the information in the course schedule. The planning worksheet is then released to the unit to provide the instructor information. Courses can be added or marked as no longer offered in the planning worksheet; however, any changes to the course schedule must be done by contacting Maria Williams.

S:\COS Budget\Unit Name\Current Year\Allocation and Expenditure Plan

The college will collect the information recorded in the planning worksheet, review the information, and once approved the courses will be added to the appropriate faculty member’s compensation schedule.

Review the summary report tab to ensure that the plan is within budget. If the department exceeds the budget allocation and intends to use non-salary funds to cover the request, please include the source of funding and amount in the summary report. Note: the funds will be collected this fiscal year.

For a complete list of college deadlines associated with the summer planning worksheet, see the COS HR Timeline PDF document located in the shared folder: S:\COS Training and Forms\Training and Forms\All.

Additional Compensation Requests
Other items to think about for summer. The following should be added to the faculty member’s compensation as applicable by the unit liaison. If it is anticipated that a faculty member will have a teaching assignment in addition to one or more of the items below, please wait for the review and approval of the planning worksheet before submitting these items for review.

Startup Commitments: if the startup commitment included summer compensation the appropriate time period and FTE should be added to compensation schedule.
• The department should consider the current balance when determining the compensation schedule. If an adjustment is needed the department should submit a deferment request using the college form (found in the shared folder under resources).
• College intends to use the same department number next fiscal year; therefore, you can use the same account for the entire c-term.
• Research Assignments: funded by contracts and grants (C&G) or research foundation
• Agency limitations should be considered
• Consider fringe cost. Any balances should cover the salary/compensation and the fringe cost. The fringe cost should be calculated using 28%.
• Current balances in PeopleSoft and/or PARIS should support the request. If this requires a transfer between categories (aka budget transfer) please contact COS Post Award as soon as possible
• End date stated in system should be considered
• For research foundation, please ensure ORC has implemented a budget within PeopleSoft to cover the salary/fringe cost
• Review the ORC guidelines regarding summer compensation (e.g. 85% limit)
UCF (not home department) Funding: add any assignments and compensation provided by other units or colleges. For example, if a PI in the College of Education intends to compensate a COS faculty member during the summer term the department must include the information on the compensation schedule.

Ensure you receive approval from the PI and the appropriate staff member re: award restrictions and/or balances.

Note: for any faculty who received a research buyout request during the academic year, the summer funding should already be on the summer compensation schedule. Please contact Madeline Byrne if you find any discrepancies.

Request for Changes (after deadlines)
If a previously submitted assignment needs to be changed or a new assignment added after the deadline, then compensation schedule IR # 100 or 101 in the salary workbook should be completed, printed to PDF and submitted attached to an email to cosadmin@ucf.edu.

What should be included? The entire compensation schedule including the new additional compensation and the compensation that should not be changed (from the original request).

Did it change a course? If yes, then you will also need to send a separate email to Maria Williams (main campus) or appropriate regional campus staff member.

For more details on compensation schedule changes, please see the compensation schedule section of this website.

Point of Contact

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties with the process, please contact:

Madeline Wayneeta Hollesha
Biology Anthropology Staff
Chemistry Psychology
Math Political Science
Physics Sociology
Statistics Lou Frey Institute
NCSF Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd (PMBF)
Dean’s Office