Policies and Procedures

Financial Status Reports

Contact: Carlos Baez
Email: Carlos.Baez@ucf.edu
Phone: (407) 823-5151 

Updated: September 14, 2020


The Quarterly Financial Status Report is generated by the College’s Budget Manager and sent to Seresa Cruz, and the budget liaisons and Chairs/Directors, for review and inputs.

Said reports will be discussed in the next Chairs/Directors meeting.

When are the reports due?

The following is the schedule for COS for each quarterly review.  The report should be sent to cosadmin@ucf.edu after it has been reviewed by the chair/director.

Quarter            Months                        Run Reports*                  Report Date                DUE to COS
1st                    July-September               Oct 4                           As of Sept. 30                 Oct 15
2nd                   October-December         Jan 4                            As of Dec. 31                  Jan 15
3rd                    January-March                April 4                          As of Mar. 31                 April 15
4th                    April-June                        July 4                           As of June 30                 July 15

*This is not a final date; it is our guestimate. You will receive an email from F&A (Financial Services) when F&A has completed all of the month end processes.